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ReconoceR is a palindrome that means ‘recognize’. It is read the same way from left to right and from right to left. The metaphor that this palindrome carries is what happens when young people go from the south to the north to pursue a better future and now, they return from the north to the south for the same reason, to get an education and the possibilities they obtain through this scholarship.”

Alejandro gonzález iñárritu

In September 2016, Alejandro González Iñárritu and the Universidad de Monterrey created an alliance to confront the current situation of thousands of citizens who have had to leave Mexico and Central America in search of opportunities for improvement.

It is under this alliance that ReconoceR came into being. ReconoceR is a scholarship fund for young Mexican and Central American immigrants living in vulnerable situations in the United States and who have a conviction to return to Mexico to pursue their university studies.

The ReconoceR Scholarship Fund initiative was strengthened through a philanthropic dinner held as part of the UDESIGN-UDEM event, which was attended by benefactors motivated by the desire to bring about a change in our society and support young immigrants who have suffered discrimination and a lack of opportunities in the United States.
In January 2017, the first scholarship was granted to an academically outstanding young immigrant who moved to the United States with his mother when he was three years old, in search of a better life. Now aged 22, he had only returned to Mexico once.
In Autumn 2017, and after a selection process that included a series of exams, essays, and interviews, four more young people were awarded scholarships thanks to their outstanding performance and their remarkable desire to take advantage of the best of both cultures (Mexican and American). Icono papel

Currently, the ReconoceR Scholarship Fund supports 8 students and pretends to consolidate itself, in order to help more young migrants to fulfill their dreams.

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