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For donations from the United States:

Botónn paypal

For donations from Mexico, contact:

Enrique del Castillo Ramírez
+52 (821) 51000 Ext. 4868

For special gifts:

Bank of America
Account #: 001920988117
ABA: 026009593
Account Name: UDEM Foundation

UDEM Foundation is tax deductible.
For more information please contact.

Yamal Topalian


Even small donations have an impact. Your gift will help change the life of a young person forever.

ReconoceR is an opportunity to transcend and make a difference in the lives of young immigrants and their families. Every will that joins in this endeavor translates into extraordinary opportunities for young men and women who are eager to fulfill their dreams through their efforts.

We Recognize that there are talented young immigrants out there. They just need to be supported.