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Thanks to your support we have positively impacted the lives of 12 young Mexicans in just 3 years. Now, thanks to the ReconoceR scholarship, these young people will be doctors, engineers and economists in their country of origin from which they will not have to escape again in search of opportunities.

Worthwhile talent

Ana Betsaida Narcizo Cordero

Bachelor’s in Psychology
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Enrique Omar Cortina Pérez

Bachelor’s in International Relations
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Juan Manuel Del Ángel Sifuentes

Bachelor’s in Mechatronics Engineering
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Kevin Orestes Bueno González

Bachelor’s in Business Creation and Innovation
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Joshua Gibrán Casillas Amador

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
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Erick Ruiz García

Bachelor’s in Business Creation and Innovation
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Erasing borders

Our goal is to recognize and promote the talent of these young migrants and open a door for them back into their country. Through this scholarship we give them the opportunity to study a career in Mexico, covering all their tuition and housing expenses. We want to eliminate borders, both economic and geographical, so that these young people receive a first-rate education that opens up a world of opportunities for them.

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Thanks to the support of our donors, we have changed 12 lives. Our goal is to reach 50. With your support, we will achieve our goal in the next few years. ¡Join us!

If our vision and mission resonate with you we want to invite you to make a donation, with the utmost assurance that 100% of every penny will be used to change the life of one person.

This donation is tax deductible both in Mexico and the United States. You can be certain that we’ll be in touch to inform you on the progress of our students and their evolution as they progress on their academic journey.

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About us

The ReconoceR scholarship was born with the purpose of supporting the talent of young Mexican and Central American immigrants living in the United States.

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About us

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Juan, Ana, Kevin and their peers have changed their lives and are now destined for success. You can do it too.

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