How we do it

"Finding the ideal students for a scholarship that demands great intellectual capacity and a commitment to an unknown country, is not easy".
Imagen destacada How we do it

Not all of these young men and women wish to return to a country where they feel they don’t belong. Most of them don’t even know it’s their right, and haven’t even considered it as an option for their future. Moreover, a great many of them don’t speak Spanish or don’t yet have the clarity of the necessary academic and psychological tools to withstand such an important transition.

Our process begins with immigrant associations in Arizona, California and Mexico. These associations help us promote the scholarship, as well as identify and recruit young immigrants who find themselves in a vulnerable context in the United States and who have the conviction of returning to Mexico to continue their college education.

Given the considerable investment, for this is a scholarship that covers tuition and every basic need regarding housing and medical services, our candidates take part in a strict system of holistic interviews, exams and evaluations, to be certain that they’re not only ready for this change, but that they’ll provide a return on investment of the scholarship in their contributions to Mexican society.

In addition to the selection process, through their college career and during every semester, these students receive academic and psychological counseling, where we monitor their academic performance and provide with the necessary tools to adapt, grow and build upon their new reality: reinventing their future.